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Arne Derricks
Ben Schneider
Christina Nöcker
Cosima Wehren
Dennis Ratano
Estefania Fernández
Lukas Bierschenk
Mintra Mattison
Nam Vo
Rebecca Barthel
Seyit Ali Shobeiri

Arne Derricks

  • TV Coach / Presenter

  • Personal Trainer

  • Expert for functional full body training

I have been practicing athletics for 12 years, was German runner-up in the sprint, danced Latin and standard and did fitness training ever since. After my qualification as a fitness manager, I have been working in the field of group fitness for more than 15 years and I'm giving individual personal training lessons. Train with me inside the ZANUM fitness app to get an athletic and strong body.

Ben Schneider

  • Author

  • Corporate Health Management Coach / Personal Trainer

  • Expert for athletics, coordination and endurance

I have been a fitness expert for more than 20 years. I studied at the Sporthochschule Cologne. After my time as a personal trainer at Holmes Place, I founded NAO PT, as well as the charity running project "42tausend" and the triathlon club MACH3 Köln e.V. Today I do mainly group and company fitness. Within the ZANUM fitness app I´ll show you my most effective exercises.

Christina Nöcker

  • Fitness Model

  • Personal Trainer

  • Expert for body forming

As a child I loved all kinds of sports. Later I decided to study at the Cologne Sporthochschule to expand this passion for sports even further. I´m happy tp be part of the ZANUM fitness app and to train with you.

Cosima Wehren

  • Personal Beauty Coach

  • Fitness and for body forming expert

I started playing tennis at the age of 4 years. Shortly afterwaords I started horse riding, swimming, hip-hop dancing and martial arts (kung-fu). For me, fitness is an expression of self-discipline and an opportunity to grow beyond myself. It´s also an effective balance to everyday´s life. I love the feeling of being fitter and more active. That´s why I listen carefully to the demands of my clients an within the ZANUM fitness app I´ll show you the most efficient way towards your goals.

Dennis Ratano

  • Founder „Baristi Workout“

  • Calisthenics Trainer

  • Street workout & bodyweight fitness training expert

As a child, I admired athletes who could do the "human flag". Today, this is part of an international phenomenon called "street workout" or "calisthenics". I founded Baristi Workout, one of the most famous street workout and calisthenics groups, and am the organizer of numerous events like King of the Bar, World Cup Stage Offenburg / Stuttgart and many more. Make me your coach within the ZANUM fitness app and I´ll teach you the best bodyweight exercises.

Estefania Fernández

  • Personal Trainer / Athletes Performance USA

  • CrossFit & Yoga Coach

  • Expert for Gymnastics & Functional Fitness Training

Since 2005 I am working in the field of sports and fitness. Until now, I completeted many education levels. With my partner, the sports scientist Felix E. Malzahn, I run two boxes at CrossFit 0211 in Düsseldorf and CrossFit MG in Mönchengladbach. I coach both, individuals and groups in the crossfit, yoga, rehabilitation and prevention - from untrained classes of all ages to well-known athletes. Let be your coach within the ZANUM fitness app.

Lukas Bierschenk

  • Track and fiueld athlete / Performance athlete

  • Personal Trainer

  • Expert for Bodyweight Fitness Training

In my youth I won countless track and field competitions. There were ups and downs during my career as a performance athlete that shaped me and my understanding for people. I know how to walk in my client´s shoes and I want to show you my best training methods and exercises within the ZANUM fitness app.

Mintra Mattison

  • Personal Trainer / Author

  • Navy Seals Coach

  • Expert for crossfit and bodyforming

Since June 2013 I am Germany's first female fitness trainer (Strength & Conditioning) of a national league ice hockey team - the Hamburg Freezers. Before, I trained the U.S. Army special forces. My workouts are hard, I eat clean, and I want you to become more slender and stronger using the ZANUM fitness app.

Nam Vo

  • Sponsored Athlete

  • Fitness Model

  • Expert for aesthetic strength training

I am very diligent, ambitious and optimistic. My passion for sports and my knowledge as coach, I want to share with you inside the ZANUM fitness app.

Rebecca Barthel

  • World Champion Fitness

  • Athletic Master Coach

  • Functional fitness training specialist

I have already pursued performance sports since my early youth. From 2006 on, I have been working as a personal trainer and I am the founder and owner of AREA2 PERSONALTRAINING, which was established in 2012. I am a presenter, instructor and lecturer for Europe's largest fitness academy, the IFAA, and give trainings, workshops and educational lessons at home and abroad. For intense and complex full body workouts, make me your coach within the ZANUM fitness app.

Seyit Ali Shobeiri

  • Sponsored Athlete / Author

  • Personal Coach

  • Expert for strength, mobility and condition training

I am a full-time fitness trainer, strength and condition coach of professional athletes and known as "Germany's toughest fitness trainer". I live and love my profession. And raise my bar to provide top quality trainings to my clients. Take your chance and train with me inside the ZANUM fitness app to get an athletic body.

Digital Coaching Intelligence.

ZANUM, the digital coaching intelligence, as as close to a personal trainer as never before.

Perfect fitness training for everybody

No matter if you´re a youngster or best-ager, beginner or professional.

Continuous adjustment

With each session, the ZANUM fitness app will train you more and more targeted.

Personalized diversity

Well over 500 detailed exercises allow an almost infinite number of fitness workout combinations.

Exceed your weekly goals

You're becoming fitter while your weekly goals are increasing.

Choose your equipment

Before each workout, you decide which home fitness equipment you want to train with.

It´s all about correct training technique

Each individual fitness exercise is explained to you by a coach in a high-quality video.

Best of Equipment.

The ZANUM fitness coaches have been using equipment in daily 1:1 training. We have their favorites - to add even more versatility to your workouts.

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